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Pursuing transformational impact through Strong Engagement.
A sustainable-Aware and Empowered World.

Welcome to Woven Impact Network

Woven Impact Network with the registered name “The Woven Sustainability Impact Initiative” is a not-for-profit organization that was set up to tackle developmental issues systematically by creating opportunities that empower people with the required knowledge and inspiration to make a transformational impact in their respective communities. Our initiatives are primarily focused on promoting gender equality, reducing inequalities, food security, and ensuring inclusivity within the society. 

Through our Women WIN programmes, we build self-sustaining systems that avail women the opportunity to not only earn a living but be economically sustainable and impact their families and community positively. 



We serve as a vehicle

that INFORMS, ENGAGE and INSPIRE its audience on core developmental issues and sustainable actions

  • To amplify sustainability practices as well as sustainable development leading to more sustainability-aware and empowered communities.
  • To provide a platform that empowers youths with the required information and inspiration required to make transformational impact.
  • To create opportunities that enable women and youths develop their initiatives / ventures into self-sustaining systems that avail them the opportunity to not only earn a living but be economically sustainable and impact their community positively.
  • To develop initiatives that promote gender equality and inclusivity within the society.
  • To amplify sustainable agricultural practices and enhance agricultural educational access across Africa.
  • Create a self-sustaining cycle of leaders that inspire and empower children beyond the classroom; such that they grow into youths and adults who inspire and empower their counterparts
  • We provide a platform that amplifies challenges/threats faced by underserved communities and individuals
  • We serve as a link between underserved communities and providing or connecting them to sustainable solutions

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